Changing Trends In Corporate Uniforms

Brands and companies are in a consistent battle to establish their mission statement.

While there are numerous ways to accomplish this, the most effective is branding through corporate uniforms.

Employees wear corporate uniforms regularly, which also means that customers and clients are always in contact with the image presented on the outfits.

In the past, corporate uniforms consisted of very conservative outlines that had bold branding and logos scattered throughout.

Like all things, fashion changes and corporate uniforms are no different.

Nowadays, companies are moving towards corporate uniforms that are subtle yet eye-catching.

Removal of a branded corporate logo and the addition of generalized colours with an embroidered name tag are starting to become the new normal.

How Corporate Uniforms Are Changing

As the world advances and consumers demand more sleek-looking products, corporations are following suit by re-establishing their brand to reflect the streamlined look and nature of the products they offer.

Every business has a primary colour scheme and overall brand direction, which is still reflected in the way they approach uniforms.

One thing you’ll notice in today’s corporate environment is that companies are starting to become more relaxed in their dress code policy.

While customer satisfaction is essential, employee comfort is just as important, which will eventually affect their work output.

Traditional corporate uniforms can be restrictive and uncomfortable, which is large tech companies like Facebook have spear-headed the entire revolution in the way that employees dress while at work.

How Corporate Uniforms Will Continue To Evolve

Corporations have noticed how allowing employees the freedom to decide their uniform has drastically improved productivity.

Undoubtedly, we can expect to see this trend continue as more and more of the workforce is starting to be overtaken by millennials.

Hotel worker uniform

While there is no definitive way to determine precisely how uniforms will evolve in the future, the current trend of freedom as long as you maintain consistency with the brand is developing and shows no signs of slowing down.

Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, considering the type of uniform in place at your company is very important.

People Also Ask

Q: Do more relaxed corporate uniforms increase productivity?

A: Yes, over time, studies have shown the when employees are relaxed and feel comfortable, that often results in an increase in productivity on their part.

Q: How important is a corporate uniform to the overall brand image?

A: Uniforms play a critical role in sustaining and building the brand image of a company like none other. Without some sort of uniformity in place for employees, a business can never truly expect to thrive.


All of the trends mentioned in this article are still in their evolving stages; however, with the way things are going in the world, you can expect them to stay around for quite some time.

If you work in a corporate environment that is struggling to adapt to new trends, consider going to your boss and asking them about ways to improve workplace productivity through uniforms.