How to Get Tradies to Promote Your Business After Knock-off

Uniforms are an integral part of your brand as they are a visual representation of your business. However, they can be more than that. By selecting uniforms that your employees like, you will gain significant benefits. 

One of the most important ones is that the tradies will want to wear their uniform or specific pieces of it after their working hours. This will expose your brand to a larger audience since each employee has a different social circle.

In this article, you are going to discover which traits will make tradies want to wear their uniforms after knock-off. 

#1 Select Uniforms Made with High-Quality Fabrics

Your employees will love their uniforms if they feel great on their skin. 

The quality of the fabric is of the utmost importance since it can really change the feel and look of the apparel. 

For instance, a high-quality fabric will not hold any smells, a thing that can be rather unpleasant. 

Moreover, it will help tradies feel comfortable no matter the working environment as high-quality fabrics are breathable.  

#2 Make Sure that They Fit Properly

Your employees will also love their workwear uniforms if they fit perfectly on them. 

For this reason, you need to collaborate with a supplier that can create the uniforms based on your team’s measurements. 

At the same, you should avoid getting ready-to-wear clothing as they might not fit the body types of some of your employees. 

Absolute Apparel, for example, offers onsite sizing of your team, thus providing you with the exact uniform sizes you require. 

#3 Choose Modern Designs

One sure way of convincing tradies to wear their uniforms after knock-off is to choose designs that they actually like. 

Modern uniforms that follow the latest fashion trends will excite your employees. 

Of course, you shouldn’t pick bold statement pieces as you still need to maintain a professional look. 

However, keep in mind that apparel like this might quickly get outdated. 

#4 Go with Timeless Pieces that Won’t Become Outdated

On the contrary side to the previous point, you can choose uniforms that will never go out of style. 

The timeless pieces can easily be worn at any period and be combined with other trendy clothing. 

This is an exceptionally effective strategy since your employees will get a lot of wear out of their uniforms. 

Moreover, timeless pieces can also include some accessories, such as hats, beanies, ties, belts, and scarves. 

#5 Pick Interesting Uniform Colours

Black and white are both safe colours that your employees will enjoy. 

However, if you choose uniforms with interesting colours, you might entice them to wear them even after their working hours. 

For example, a tradie will be more inclined to wear a yellow or red t-shirt, rather than yet another black one. 

Chances are that they already have plenty of other black t-shirts on their wardrobe. 

#6 Incorporate Your Brand’s Logo in a Unique Way

To successfully promote your business through your employees’ uniforms, you need to incorporate your brand’s logo. 

However, if you are not careful enough it might look tacky and you won’t have the desired results.  

For this reason, pick a unique and beautiful way to incorporate the logo on the uniform. 

A great example is to have it embroidered; a thing that will make the uniform look expensive. 

If your employees find their uniforms tasteful, they are more likely to wear them after knock-off. 

By achieving this, you will get extra promotion for your brand and reach more potential customers. 

If you want to discover uniforms that tradies will love, browse Absolute Apparel’s catalogue for corporate uniforms, clothing, and workwear.