How To Handle Changing Body Shapes With Your Uniforms

Uniforms are put in place to maintain uniformity amongst employees and other workers in a particular environment.

So, making sure you keep a great shape while wearing your uniform is vitally important.

Over time, our bodies adapt to the way we eat and move. Therefore, it’s common for your uniform to begin fitting differently over time.

When your uniform starts to fit differently, it will impact the way employees perform.

Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, understanding how to adapt to changes in body shape and how it correlates to uniforms is essential.

Continue reading below to find out how to properly handle changes to the body shape as it relates to uniforms.

How to handle changing body shapes with your uniforms

As a business owner, the best way to handle changes to the body shape with your uniforms is by creating a uniform that works regardless of the wearers shape.

In addition it’s important to use a corporate uniform supplier who does individual fittings so that everyone looks great in their uniform even if their personal shape is very different from the norm.
*That’s a service that we offer which many other uniform providers do not.


By doing so, you never have to worry about adjusting uniform sizes or shapes because your employee’s body shape is changing.

When looking at the shape of a person’s body shape, it’s important to note that only a few models exist. The human anatomy is anatomically the same regardless of age or gender.

The primary difference in body shape comes from proportions. Here are all of the most common body types:

  • Pear
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Apple
  • Rectangle
  • Hourglass

Body types
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All of these different shapes impact how company uniforms fit your employees.

In accordance with the body shape types listed above, there are specific style rules you can use to ensure your uniforms always look great.

Making sure your uniform looks good all the time

For example, certain necklines work better with specific body shapes compared to others.

For those with Apple body shapes, you should consider wearing a scoop or square neck.

There are also things you should avoid incorporating into uniforms for the sake of changing body shapes.

Chef uniformNarrow legs dropped waistlines, and thin shoulder lines are all things you should avoid.

Try to keep your uniforms comfortable while maintaining a sense of rigidity in terms of the overall style.

Doing so will allow you to seamlessly adapt to body changes with your uniforms.

People Also Ask

Q: What are your tips & tricks for styling your own body?

A: understand what features on your body stand out and accentuate them using your clothing and style.

Q: What if you don’t know what your body type is?

A: you don’t need a specific body type classification to begin styling yourself properly. Figure out what parts of your body you’d like to highlight and play with those aspects of yourself.

Q: What is the most common body shape concern you hear?

A: most people are concerned with the shape of their body right from the midsection going down to the buttocks area.


Another great way to ensure you stay on top of body changes with your uniform is by asking your employee’s input. All of the tips in this article will help your company maintain pristine uniforms.