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    • Step 5: Rewards and Recognition

      Set a Rewards and Recognition Program Everybody loves to be recognised for the hard work, and the great stuff they do, and there is nothing more deflating for a team member when they are so committed, they are working hard all the time to be there best for your company, and they don’t get recognized […]

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    • Step 4: Look Like a Team

      Identity If you want your team to behave like a winning team, you better make sure they look like a winning team.  All teams are identified by a uniform. Think of any of your favorite sports team. Whether it is your favorite football team, netball, cricket, or any kind of team at all. You can […]

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    • Step 3: Create a Winning Culture

      Encourage Positive Ideas You want to get together for a team meeting on a regular basis, and, depending on your business, that might every morning, or It might be twice a week or once a week. Certainly, you would want to do it at least once a week, and don’t stretch it out any longer […]

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    • Step 2: Recruit Right

      Get Help from a HR Expert This eliminates a lot of problems down the track if you get this bit right. Why do you need a HR company on board? Because HR is becoming more and more of a minefield, and difficult to keep up with all the new laws and regulations. With the help […]

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    • Step 1: Set Some Company Goals

      Vision & Mission Statements A Vision and Mission Statement are one of the first things in business you need to create. I believe these need to be documented and positioned on a wall in your business for all customers, suppliers and team members to see. A Mission Statement defines the company’s business, its objectives and […]

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    • Newsletter – EOFY, Winter Wear and GC Marathon

      REDUCE YOUR TAXABLE INCOME & KEEP WARM DURING THE ARCTIC BLAST. There is only 6 weeks until the end of the financial year . Did you know that by purchasing uniforms before 30 June it can you reduce your taxable income? Head over to see what you will need on our website To place [...] Continue Reading
    • Choosing the Right Artwork for your Uniforms

      Many people don’t think about the different types of artwork that are available for uniforms and workwear until they are asked the question by their uniform supplier. There are a few different options for applying artwork to your garments, but the most popular are Embroidery and Screen Printing, although we are doing more and more […]

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    • Our Plans for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018

      With the Commonwealth Games being held on the Gold Coast from 4th to 15th April 2018, we want to keep you up to date with the plans for the Gold Coast as well as what we have planned at Absolute Apparel, but one thing is for sure,WE WILL STILL BE OPEN FOR BUSINESS. We are […]

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    • summer and winter uniforms Supplying Summer and Winter Uniforms

      It is essential to provide your team with uniforms that will suit your work environment all year round and to ensure they stay comfortable and productive in whatever climate or weather they may encounter. Many people think that just providing their staff with short sleeve or long sleeve shirts for all year round is enough, […]

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    • Brisbane clients of absolute apparel Corporate Uniform Sizing for Brisbane Customers

      DO YOU NEED TO GET YOUR TEAM SIZED FOR CORPORATE UNIFORMS IN BRISBANE? You may think that because we are based on the Gold Coast that we only offer a sizing service to Gold Coast’s customers, but in fact we have many clients in Brisbane and our list of Brisbane customers is continuing to grow […]

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