Medical Scrubs During Winter

Scrubs are the sanitary uniform that doctors, nurses, technicians, and almost everyone else who works at a hospital or medical facility wear during work hours.

They’re designed to be simple, easy to wear and comfortable to work in not to mention easy to launder and replace if they get stained or damaged.

Healthcare facilities are normally a little bit cooler.

The temperature and humidity is kept low to prevent bacteria growth, combat condensation that traps bacteria and viruses.

However many people don’t enjoy cold temperatures, especially during winter time which can have an impact on their ability to perform their work.

Here are some tips on how to stay warm in your scrubs, particularly in winter.

Layering your clothes

Wearing a few layers of clothes always warms a person.

The air trapped between the layers insulates the body from the cold, so if you work in a medical facility and have to wear a scrubs as a uniform, here’s how you can keep warm by using layers.

doctor winter uniform

Long sleeved tees under your scrub top

These provide an extra layer of protection that keeps one warm outside in winter and shields you from the chilly hallways of the facility.

Under-scrub tee shirts should be made of high-quality, breathable, and absorbent fabric like a cotton and polyester mix.

Jacket or cardigan over the top of scrubs

These are available in multiple colours and designs.

Thin, synthetic fabrics are comfortable and work well for layering.

If the outside jacket is the same colour as the scrub, you will present a professional appearance.

If you live in an area with very harsh winters thermal underwear tops are also an option.

Leggings under your scrub pants

For the protection of your lower legs opt for compression socks, stockings or thermal pants.

They are soft and comfortable and you can work your shift hours without any discomfort.

Scrubs with Inner lining

If you dislike bulky clothing and are not in favour of layering, you can invest in lined medical scrubs.

The outer layer is usually made of spandex, rayon, and polyester, and the inner of spandex and polyester. The advantage of these lined medical scrubs are

  • They keep you warm without overheating
  • They are comfortable and cosy
  • They are tailored in both female and male designs
  • The scrub pants have relaxed, knit, yoga waistbands. 
  • They are stylish and saves you from the bulk caused by layering

Flannel and Merino wool

Scrubs are also being made of flannel and merino wool, which means they are warm and ideal for winter, plus merino wool also has natural antimicrobial properties.

These scrubs that are specially made for winter compliment your body type and help you to work more efficiently.


Keeping warm at work during winter is important. So you just need to decide how to wear your uniform in a way that will keep you warm, while still enabling you to do your job effectively.

Choosing the right materials, or combination of scrubs and other layers will keep the cold out while you’re helping others at work.

Feel free to talk to our uniform specialists any time about your needs.