Step 2: Recruit Right

Get Help from a HR Expert

This eliminates a lot of problems down the track if you get this bit right.

Why do you need a HR company on board? Because HR is becoming more and more of a minefield, and difficult to keep up with all the new laws and regulations.

With the help of a good HR person, you will be up to date and not susceptible to any kind of workplace claims against you for something that you just didn’t know.

Fairwork does not recognise ignorance as an excuse.


To recruit right, think about what you want from your team in terms or attitude, skills and work ethic.

You want them to have an awesome attitude, don’t you?

You want them to have a “Yes, we can do this. Yes, we’ll find a way. Yes, let’s make it happen” kind of an attitude.

So that is something that you absolutely have to look for in your recruiting program.

You need to design some questions around getting an answer that you’re looking for that would let this potential employee display what their attitude might be.

An example of a question might be something like scenario – “You finish work at 5 o’clock. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon. A customer phones and they need to come in, or they need you to do something for them ASAP which is going to take you well past the finishing time. What do you do?”

Just listen to what they say they will do, and pay attention to their body language when you ask the questions and when they answer.

Depending on what business you’re in, this could be a totally different scenario, but you get the idea?

That is the kind of questions that you want to ask them just to find out where their mind-set is at and what they would do.

This answer, if honest, will let you determine they basic attitude and commitment to their work.


Again, you always want your team to be accountable. We don’t play the blame game anywhere, especially at work.

We need the team to be accountable and again, you need to be asking some questions around accountability in your interview process, to see where their mind-set is at.

We talk about mind-set a lot, but mind-set is a huge thing when it comes to how the other team are going to respond to this new team member, how this new person is going to fit in with the other team and how they’re all going to blend, and work together as a solid team.

So, accountability is huge.

Work Ethic

We all have a set of working hours for our team, and we want our team work their set hours, and we want them to have great work ethic.

I sometimes go into businesses and see team members that are looking busy, but when you actually pay attention, and see what they’re doing, they’re not that busy. T We need someone who has a great work ethic, who doesn’t need to be told every single step of the day, every single thing that they have to do.

We need them to be able to think for themselves, know what their job is and just go ahead and get it done and, when they finish this, move on to something else and get it done.

We don’t want to be employing staff who, the minute they get a little a sniffle, they’re taking a sick day, for example.

So, work ethic is a huge thing and again, you can ask some questions around that just to give you a little bit of an idea, of how strong a work ethic they have.

Skill & Experience

Obviously, you will only be interviewing people that have the experience and skills in the position that you’re offering them.

This is so obvious, it’s a no brainer, right?

But let me tell you that they can have all the skills and all the experience that they need to do the job, but without the attitude, without the accountability and without the work ethic, they will just infect your team with the same kind of thinking, which will really hurt your business.

And once this kind of culture is in your business, it can be very difficult to turn it around, but it can be done, with a little pain along the way, as you introduce everything we have been talking about today so far.

So, your team need to have those three things as well as the obvious skills and experience they actually need to complete the job description that you’re offering them.

So, none of these is super easy to implement, and with everything that happens in the workplace today, you’re probably going to need a little bit of help from an HR company just to make sure that the questions that you’re asking all follow the interviewing guidelines.

THE ACTION FOR THAT IS GET A RECRUITMENT PLAN AND A QUESTIONNAIRE READY for your interviewing process for new team members.

Partner up with a great HR Company, (We have a couple of great HR Companies we can refer you to) and get something in place.

That’s your second step…