Step 3: Create a Winning Culture

Encourage Positive Ideas

You want to get together for a team meeting on a regular basis, and, depending on your business, that might every morning, or It might be twice a week or once a week.

Certainly, you would want to do it at least once a week, and don’t stretch it out any longer than this.

Get together, talk about what’s happened the week before. Talk about what’s happening in the week coming up.

Maybe talk about some things that may have fallen over the week before. Why they did they fall over? How can we do them better, so we do have a repeat of what went wrong?

Get input from your team. They’re the people on the ground. They’re the people doing it. They will have ideas around how we can make this better, but you need to provide an environment where they feel happy and confident and they know that their ideas are going to be received and considered.

Encourage those ideas from the team. Kick those ideas around with everyone else. Get everyone else’s input, what might work, what are the possible downside of putting this new process in place? What’s the upside of putting this new process in place, and how are we going to implement it?

Work out a plan with them and how to implement it and who is responsible to implement it.

Implement it, put in progress for a month and revisit it.

Test and measure it, and make any changes you need to make it work better.

This will be empowering for your business and for your team members.

Give the team an environment where they feel comfortable to put their ideas forward. It makes them feel like they’re part of your business and part of your working family, and you will reap the rewards.

Have a Clear Set of Rules

Now, this is a really interesting one.

I say have a clear set of rules, guidelines and boundaries, and then, let them play inside the boundaries.

I like to use an analogy like a football field or a netball court, just for example.

There are boundaries within the field or boundaries on the court and rules.

So, the team know the rules and the boundaries and they understand the rules of the game.

Then, let them play inside the boundaries.

So, you want everyone to have the same boundaries, and the same playing field, but let them be creative inside that.

They then don’t feel restricted by the rules and afraid to do anything to step out of the box.

They can make decisions without having to go to you for absolutely everything.

One thing that I always say when you’ve created this, and you’re allowing your team to play inside the boundaries, is whenever making decisions for your business, they need to ask themselves

  1. Is this decision Ethical?
  2. 2.Is it right for the customer?
  3. Is it right for the company?
  4. And is this decision right for me?

We want to have a win-win environment for everybody.

So if they ask themselves those questions and the answer’s yes, then let them go for it. If they have any kind of doubt at all, then they need to go to a superior or you and just chat it out a little bit before they then go back to the customer with the decision.

This is a really empowering position to give your team.

ACTION STEP – CREATE AND DOCUMENT THE RULES AND THE BOUNDARIES AND THEN GIVE THEM THE FREEDOM TO PLAY INSIDE IT. They will love it and they will feel empowered and unrestricted which is what you want because some of your team can be so creative and have some great ideas. You don’t want them to be afraid to put them forward to you and to play with those when it can benefit your business really well.

That’s your third step …