Step 4: Look Like a Team


If you want your team to behave like a winning team, you better make sure they look like a winning team.  All teams are identified by a uniform.

Think of any of your favorite sports team.

Whether it is your favorite football team, netball, cricket, or any kind of team at all.

You can easily identify them by their uniform, by their club colours, by their club logo.  Whatever, the case, they are all identified by their colours and by their uniform.  A professional, comfortable, and practical uniform is super important.

If we go into the corporate world, for example, look at your airlines.

Look at team Qantas.

Look at team Virgin.

They all have a uniform.

They can certainly vary slightly, but they all look a team in uniform, even when one lady may be wearing a dress and a scarf and she’s standing beside a gentleman in a shirt and pants and maybe a tie who’s also standing beside another lady in a skirt, a shirt, and a scarf. They all tie in together by styling, colour and coordinating clothing and logo.

Your team will feel united, and as part of a professional team, they will work strongly together in a much more positive manner.

Stylish, Practical & Comfortable

Your uniforms have to be practical for the job that they’re doing. So, if you’re in a business and you may have an admin team and you may have a warehouse team, and you may have sales team; the uniforms for each section may be different, so they are practical for the job description, but they all tie together by colour, and logo.

For example; if you’re in Childcare, you’ll have your admin team and then you’ll have your Childcare providers, and you’ll have your support workers. Their uniforms need to all tie together but they need to be practical and comfortable for what purpose, for what job they’re doing. So you really need to make sure that their uniforms are practical and comfortable.

The other thing that we need to make sure about is that we offer a few different styles, that all tie together and they’re going to fit and work well for your tiny little size 4 people and then also for your fuller figured people. We need to have something that’s going to work for everyone and that, is super, super important.

This is such a simple thing it seems so obvious, but this will absolutely help change the attitude of your team. It will give them a sense of unity and pride within your business and represent your business in the most professional way.


That’s your four step…