Supplying Summer and Winter Uniforms

summer and winter uniforms

It is essential to provide your team with uniforms that will suit your work environment all year round and to ensure they stay comfortable and productive in whatever climate or weather they may encounter.

Many people think that just providing their staff with short sleeve or long sleeve shirts for all year round is enough, but they don’t consider what happens the months of extreme cold or extreme heat, that we can endure in different parts of Australia, throughout the year. This issue can be even more relevant depending on whether your teamwork indoors or outdoors, in offices or on construction sites. The workplace can vary to great extremes and your team’s uniforms need to be able to suit your environment and temperature for presentation and productivity.

In cooler weather, if your team is working indoors they may need extra uniforms such as woollen vests, cardigans, jumpers, blazers or Jackets, whereas outdoor workers may need outdoor jackets or vest, or even wet weather clothing such as waterproof jackets.

Supplying these items in hi-vis may also need to be considered if your OH&S requires you to do so, and there is a large range of hi-vis vests, jackets, wet weather jackets and raincoats, and even waterproof items available.

Supplying these items to your team allows you to add your logo (embroidery or screen printing) which will ensure that your branding is still visible to make it effective promotional clothing, while also keeping your team in the same uniform as each other.

In the warmer months or climate, you need more appropriate uniforms to suit your weather like short-sleeve or long sleeve shirts or polos for indoor staff and perhaps polos, t-shirts, singlets, or hi-vis lightweight garments for outdoor staff.

You may even choose to provide your team with pants, shorts or skirts depending on the weather and work environment, so you need to think of all of these factors when choosing year round uniforms for your team.

There are many of moisture-wicking fabrics available now to help keep everyone as cool as possible, as well as be functional for the work environment. New technology allows fabrics to be constantly improved and therefore offering the most up to date fabrics to keep your team nice and comfortable during the summer months.

Our showroom is full of options, so please feel free to call in or request some samples.

Our sales team can give you plenty of information on what items will suit your work environment best, and the keep your team comfortable.