The Best Medical Scrubs for Younger Patients

Even in a healthcare, looks do matter, especially when working with children since the scrubs are what the young patients see when they first meet a doctor or a nurse.

Beyond comfort, the colour of scrubs should be pleasing and also reduce the anxiety of the patients.

The right cut and colour can help calm the younger patients and make a massive difference in approaching the situation. But it also should not cause a compromise in functionality and comfort.

Here are a few pointers to consider when choosing medical scrubs for younger patients.

Prints to cheer up the Children

Patterned prints may seem unprofessional in a hospital, but when it comes to children, they are like a welcoming, bright sight in an otherwise sterile environment.

A colourful scrub with patterns can make you quite popular among the kids.

While the prints may seem tacky, they are some tastefully designed cartoonish characters out there.

If you work in a hospital environment that gives you the freedom to choose your own scrubs, go with prints to cheer up the children in your ward.

Coloured scrubs to evoke joy

Traditionally, doctors wore white scrubs or coats, but later green and cyan were discovered to be better in hiding the stains more easily.

However they have quite a clinical look , particularly for children and younger patients.

Hence health professional dealing with children prefer colours like yellow and pink.

The colours remind them of joy and sunshine; they denote positivity and evoke joy, happiness and hope.

But both these colours should be handled carefully.

A muted colour is generally more appealing to patients than extremely bright colour.

You can also go for blue and purple for a more neutral look while also breaking from tradition.

Make sure they have prints or patterns too, to break the monotony.

Change the colour of your scrubs

This is a point to be considered if your hospital gives you the autonomy to choose your scrubs.

Instead of sticking with the same colours, you can rotate them every week.

Scrubs require more thorough washing and disinfecting than other clothes.

So, instead of mixing with the other laundry, wash them separately at the end of every week.

But make sure you have a clean set of scrubs every day.

The changing colours can also be an ice breaker with younger patients and bring a smile to their faces.

Surgeon in scrub

Why should pediatric health professionals use unconventional scrubs?

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing shows that non-conventional attire in multi-colours was more likely to be welcomed by the younger patients than conventional medical scrubs.

The reason is that the patients and parents feel that they are reliable and more considerate of their young wards.

They also seem less frightening and more welcoming, making them forget about the sterile hospital environment.

Children expect health professionals to be kind, beautiful, patient, funny and friendly enough to play with them.

A child-friendly scrub helps them to relate to the sentiment and identifies them as better caregivers.


As a pediatric health professional, your goal is to connect with the younger patients and provide the best care for them.

The key to that is as simple as starting a conversation, and your scrubs can be a great icebreaker.