The Ultimate Tradies Workwear Guide: What type of workwear different tradies wear?

Not all workwear is made the same. While casual workwear may be suitable for some circumstances, in other instances, safety wear is a must-have, especially in high-risk jobs.

Having said that, the importance of the correct workwear is often understated. 

Safety wear is different for every tradie and it can improve productivity at work and promote a safer work environment. 

Plumbing and Heating Professionals

Plumbers and heating professionals need to access difficult areas and do a lot of kneeling down. Hence their attire is made of thick materials allowing for free movement.

Their general workwear include: 

  • Workboots: Plumbers boots are made of thick materials and a steel toe cap to ensure safety and protection.
  • Trousers or shorts: Though similar to regular trousers, they are made of thick fibres with several pockets. The trousers often come with padded knees to protect the joints and avoid injury. 
  • Jackets and T-shirts: Jackets and t-shirt allow for mobility and comfort.
  • Safety Equipment: Goggles, knee protectors, high visibility jackets and respirators


The job of an electrician comes with its risks of which heat, flame and electrical shock are the most important.

Therefore, their clothing is designed in such a way that reduces the likelihood of injury. The materials should be flame resistant and heat resistant with an ATPV rating not less than 4.

The HAF material rating indicates the amount of heat that can be blocked by the material. 

Other than that, you also need insulated rubber gloves and flame protection for the neck and eyes. The same goes for work boots. 

Electrician Workwear

Construction Workers

The essential attire of a constriction worker is a (short or long-sleeved) shirt, long pants(no rips or tears) and work boots (with toe and slip protection).

The pants come with plenty of accessible pockets to store tools. They generally use heavy-duty canvas, cargo or duck cotton pants and cotton shirts for comfort and durability. Likewise, their jackets are made of duck cotton for toughness and durability. 

Their safety equipment includes:

  • Hard hats or helmets
  • Safety glasses
  • Face shields
  • Earplugs
  • Gloves


The painter’s workwear is pretty simple. Any simple shirt(long or short-sleeved) in breathable material such as cotton is ideal for a paint job.

The same goes for the pants too; relaxed fit for comfort and movement.  But not too loose that it obstructs you climbing on ladders. 


You need proper workwear when doing carpentry work since there’s often the risk of flying debris and occasional noise. Without suitable workwear, you run the risk of serious injury.

Proper fitting, comfortable long-sleeved shirt, long pants and steel-toed boots make up their standard workwear uniforms. While a relaxed fit is advisable, loose-fitting workwear can get caught in the power tools leading to major injury.

Their safety equipment includes:

  • Safety glasses
  • Earmuffs
  • Respirators and face masks
  • Full face shield


Health and safety requirements are a priority when it comes to tradies. Whether it is a hi-vis jacket, long-sleeved shirt or steel-toed boots, every single piece of clothing exists to keep you safe in the work environment.

The fabric of the workwear also differs depending on the trade. The fabric allows for comfort, durability and can handle the everyday jobs that the tradies take on.