What Features Do Tradies Most Want from Their Workwear?

Tradies take their tools seriously which is why they give them an utmost priority.

Buying tools that help them work better is one thing, but many don’t care to invest in their workwear. 

Using well-designed workwear is the investment they need to work efficiently and for extended periods of time. 

A tradies workwear has moved from plastic-looking overalls to gear that you can depend on at all times. 

These days, workwear is designed with a specific occupation in mind, particularly when it comes to comfort and safety. 

The look and feel are also taken into consideration hence the many workwear options available in the market in all designs and colours. 

Blue Mechanic Workwear

Features That Make the Work Wear Better

Workwear is much more than just an everyday outfit. 

Comfort, functionality, and performance play a significant part in the selection, but what features do tradies prefer in their workwear? 


The foremost consideration that your workwear should provide is safety. It should adhere to all the safety regulations and provide you with enough protection in an emergency. 

Not only are tradies working in a less than pleasant environment, but typically it’s also physically demanding too. 

With the right safety features, you can work efficiently without having to worry. 

This calls for the right protection like hardhats, flame retardant clothing, steel-toed boots, high visibility vests, etc. 


Tradies don’t think much about the comfort of their workwear. 

But if they’re spending hours working the job, comfort is definitely another feature to prioritise. 

A comfortable outfit helps tradies to work efficiently because it lets them move around freely without the fear of the clothing falling apart.

Seasonal fabrics also play a significant role in comfort since most of a tradies’ job is outside in the weather. 

Odour Free

Australia has a pretty hot summer no matter where you’re located. 

Hence, any fabrics you choose should release the body sweat quickly without retaining it. 

Some materials contain body odour which then creates a feast for bacteria. 

For instance, polyester and other synthetic materials seem to retain the body odour even when washed. 

So to avoid terrible smelling work clothing, cotton is always a better choice. 

Easy to clean

The workwear that you choose should be easy to clean without any lingering stains, and it should also last longer even when washed repeatedly. 

The colours should stay steadfast and not fade away because faded colours create a distinctly unprofessional look. 

Make sure that the fabric you choose withstands all wash cycles and doesn’t cause the clothing to shrink. 


While comfort and safety are essential features in workwear, durability is every bit as important. 

A sturdy outfit works better in all seasons and all working conditions. 

Thicker fabric will last longer while providing insulation and protection from cold during winter. 

Australians experience a climate that varies throughout the country. 

So the better option is to have other workwear for summer and winter. 

Using seasonal workwear will also last longer than those worn constantly all year long.  


Pockets are very underrated. 

A tradies job like an electrician or plumber requires you to have tools in hand when working a job. 

Therefore workwear with more pockets is a must, particularly the swing away pockets that can essentially act as a tool belt. 

It holds all the tools without hindering your movement but still keeps them reach. 


Never underestimate the importance of workwear for tradies. 

The right outfit can provide them with comfort and help them work for long periods of time efficiently. 

It should also look professional with all the necessary safety features too.