What Tradies Hate the Most About Their Workwear Uniforms

Selecting workwear uniforms is an important decision as they communicate the philosophy of your business. However, before you choose a uniform, you have to consider which one will suit your employees the most. More often than not, tradies feel that their workwear is unpractical and doesn’t fit their image.

In this article, you will discover which are the most common things that tradies hate about their workwear. Keep them in mind to select uniforms that will keep them satisfied.  

#1 Uniforms that are outdated

One of the most common complaints that you will hear is that the uniform is outdated. If you want a modern look for your business, you might think that selecting a uniform following the latest trends would be the best. 

However, you should keep in mind that fashion trends are rapidly changing, and trendy apparel can quickly go out of style. 

The guaranteed way of choosing workwear that lasts is to go for timeless pieces.

#2 Uncomfortable uniforms

The next thing that makes tradies hate their workwear uniforms is how comfortable they feel when wearing it. 

For example, if your employees work in a hot environment, you need to select a uniform made from thin and breathable fabric. 

In a similar way, the uniform should not be too loose or skin-tight. 

Your employees are going to spend a lot of hours in this workwear, and so, you should make sure that they are as comfortable in them as possible. 

#3 Poorly fitting workwear

When the workwear is poorly fitting, then tradies will both feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. 

This way, they might be focusing more on correcting their apparel rather than their tasks. 

To eliminate this issue, make sure that you get the measurements of your employees so that you can provide them with uniforms that fit them perfectly. 

A reputable uniform supplier, like Absolute Apparel, will guide you through this process, which will make the task much easier.

#4 Workwear that smells

A work environment will usually have some unpleasant smells that the workwear will hold. 

To make matters worse, in some cases this smell will not go away even when the tradies wash their uniforms. 

For this specific case, there is anti-odour workwear that keeps all these unpleasant smells away from the uniform.   

#5 Workwear that needs specialised laundry treatments

Workwear uniforms require regular washing as they tend to gather dirt and odours. 

For this reason, tradies will find their workwear extremely unpractical if it needs special laundry treatment. 

They should be able to wash their uniforms along with their other pieces of clothing without having to worry about destroying them by mistake. 

Therefore, select workwear that will be easy to wash and wear multiple times per week. 

#6 Workwear uniforms that wear out too quickly

Tradies wear their uniforms many hours a day. For this reason, it is natural that they will wear out due to work and laundry. 

Some companies try to save from their budget by getting uniforms of poor quality. 

However, this practice will only make the employees dissatisfied as the uniforms will quickly need replacement anyway.

Understanding your employees’ feelings about their workwear is the first step towards choosing uniforms that they feel comfortable in. 

Absolute Apparel makes sure that you get exactly what you have envisioned in the highest possible quality.