What will the workwear of the future look like?

The future of fashion is usually not predicted beyond the next season, but the same doesn’t apply to workwear.

The advantage of having workwear is having an attire that is better suited to the working environment in terms of comfort and safety.

The arrival of new technologies means that workwear has changed dramatically over the years.

Most employers want their uniforms to be a balance between fashionable, fun, yet being serious and professional at the same time.

However workwear prioritises safety and utility over fashion and style.

New Innovation in Workwear

The most important innovation, you may see with regards to workwear is the exoskeleton.

Companies like Ford have already adapted the technology into their uniforms thereby reducing workplace accidents and stress-related health problems.

Along with a drop in injuries, productivity has increased by as much as 300%, however protection seems to be the foremost priority in any workwear.

Future Fabrics

Apart from safety, comfort also plays an important part in the evolvement of workwear.

Cotton has always been the fabric of choice due to its durability. It also has quite a few advantages like being hypoallergenic, and its ability to control moisture.

Mining worker

However, the future of fabrics seems to be in recycled materials.

The fabric needs of every industry are different.

While someone working in the sun prefers comfortable cotton, those in the electronics industry prefer a blended fabric to prevent the buildup of static energy.

Wearable Electronics

Fashion of the future is tipped to have integrated electronics within them.

Imagine colour-changing fabric, self-cleaning fabric, or fabric that harvests energy.

New innovations don’t just make workwear fun but also makes it appropriate and practical depending on the occupation, environment, and climate conditions.

Samsung has already patented a “wearable electric device” which is an energy harvester built into a smart shirt. It uses movements to build electricity and a power sensor.

With in-built technology, managers can track the employee movements and react when situations arise.

Uniform Sensors

Why carry a sensor when they come embedded on your workwear?

Fitness wear already comes with embedded sensors that correct your posture and vibrate to give you instructions.

In terms of workwear, companies have come up with clothing that has sensors stitched into strategic locations.

These collect medical data such as respiration, heartbeat, and physical activity which is then sent to the cloud.

Workwear like the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket controls your phone including calls, music, or even navigation directions.

Workwear of the future

Workwear of the future is not just flexible and comfortable, but also versatile with integrated sensors and electronics.

They help to keep the workers safer.

If they are unable to call for help during an accident, workwear with an inbuilt sensor can alert the authorities automatically.

While futuristic workwear may not be available just yet, you can expect them to be a lot more comfortable and life-saving with the use of technology.

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