What’s The Best Material For Your Corporate Uniforms?

A well-made corporate uniform reflects positively on a company’s brand image.

It acts as a bonding agent amongst employees and gives them a sense of pride while wearing it.

The fabric plays a key role as it determines the look, comfort and practicality of the uniform and is therefore an important factor when deciding on your corporate uniforms.

Pure Cotton

Nothing works better than cotton during the summer.

However, being an all-weather fabric, cotton holds up well in winter as well.

It’s a classic choice as cotton is a breathable fabric so you can say goodbye to sweaty garments.

Cotton meterial

Cotton uniforms allow evaporation of moisture and sweat so it keeps the employees’ temperament cool, calm and composed, plus it’s also hypoallergenic so cotton material seldom causes irritation or allergic reaction.

It is completely natural and does not have any chemicals and is an overall great choice for uniforms.


One of the key advantages of polyester fabric is its durability so it’s ideal for daily use and is easy to maintain.

Many polyester materials are wrinkle-free and therefore not require ironing.

These materials are incredibly lightweight which is why it’s a popular choice for employees who need to be more physically active.

It also tends to dry faster which is why it is great for workers who are more likely to sweat.

Polyester uniforms are also cost-effective so you can choose from a wide range of options at an extremely affordable rate.


Giving the best of both worlds – that’s what a blended fabric does.

Poly-blends are stronger than all-natural options and combines the goodness of two or more fibres to create a highly durable product.

There’s poly-cotton, poplin, polyester-cotton-rayon, and polyester-spandex blends among many other combinations.

Thread loom

These materials are very soft and inexpensive and they’re often easier to maintain when compared to organic cotton or polyester materials.

They’re light, breathable and easy to carry and therefore offer comfort, affordability and durability under one roof.


Nylon has exceptional strength and resists shrinkage and wrinkles.

It also has insulating properties so it can be comforting to wear in an air-conditioned environment.

Nylon fabrics are almost 1/7th the weight of conventional fabrics and also requires little or no maintenance.

They’re easy to wash, resilient and retain pleats and folds nicely.

It’s a great option for daily use as Nylon dries very quickly too and it resists damage from oil and other chemicals.


Some companies opt to alternate between two fabrics depending on the season to ensure maximum comfort to the employees, without compromising on style.

Other companies prefer to choose materials that use moisture-wicking technology since it keeps the wearer sweat-free and dry.

Choose your fabric carefully and ensure you talk to your uniform supplier for some expert guidance so you can ensure your new uniforms are comfortable, stylish and worth of your company.